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Key Active Listening Skills

Infographic Overview


Development Time

I started and finished this personal project in September 2021.

The infographic took approximately

1 hour to complete. 

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Development Tools



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My Role

Instructional Designer

and eLearning Developer

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Listening is one of the necessary skills in the workplace. Listening to just hear often leads to miscommunication and decreases job performance. Listening to understand requires a specific skillset, including understanding body language and asking clarifying questions. Active listening is a critical skill that fosters positive relationships and increases productivity in the workplace. 

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Some individuals consider themselves good listeners, when in reality they struggle with this essential skill. Often, they are not aware of what they are doing incorrectly, which leads to frustration and low motivation in the workplace. 

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The solution was to give employees a chance to practice active listening skills through a scenario based activity. The infographic provided the skills needed in order communicate effectively through active listening. It emphasized the importance of slowing down and paying attention to the message being delivered, while also taking into account body language and making sure you are asking clarifying questions. 



Active listening leads to better decision making in the workplace. It also helps build supportive relationships between all employees. Active listening makes it easier to give and receive constructive feedback.

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