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Communication Process

Job Aid Overview


Development Time

I started and finished this personal project in September 2021.

The job aid took approximately 1 hour to complete. 

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Development Tools



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My Role

Instructional Designer

and eLearning Developer

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The lack of quality communication in the workplace is often one of the main issues that prevents work places to function effectively. Manager-employee relationships benefit when there is an awareness of the communication process by both parties involved. 

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Often,  people believe that they are effective communicators and don't see the need to improve their communication skills.  Due to this, their motivation to learn how to communicate effectively is low.

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The solution was to provide employees with a job aid detailing the steps to effective communication. It also made managers and employees aware of some of the barriers to communication that can hinder the communication process.



Effective communication promotes positive relationships in the workplace and leads to cooperation between employees. It improves task performance and reduces frustration in the workplace.

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