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About Me



I am an Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer who specializes in creating and facilitating learning experiences that are inclusive and tailored to the learner’s needs. Since 2013, I have designed experiences, created curricula, and facilitated instruction that aimed to solve performance gaps, as well as support organizations to achieve their set objectives and goals. 



My design process consists of conducting an in-depth Analysis to determine the organizational training needs, and then Design and Develop learner centered training solutions that are engaging and innovative. During the process, I collaborate with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and learners in order to create and Implement learning experiences that incorporate adult learning theories and that will solve your organization’s performance challenges. Through the process of Evaluation, and using the Kirkpatrick Model, I assess the implemented product’s effectiveness and make the necessary updates. This process allows me to ensure that the learner is receiving a powerful and memorable learning experience.



I am a former educator of leaders and giants, who stumbled into instructional design because I thought it would make a good career pivot for a teacher. What I did not know was that I would find a new passion in instructional design and that the butterflies and love for my profession would return. Through my journey of learning about adult learning theories, the design process, and authoring tools, I am confident I have found my calling. 



Professional: I love to impart knowledge and help professionals acquire the skills they need in order to succeed in their workplace and their career.


Personal: When I am not working, I am spending time traveling with my family or learning. I love exploring new cultures and introducing my kids to new foods, music, folklore, and history. I consider myself a lifelong learner and truly enjoy learning in a formal academic setting. I find moments of peace exploring nature, specially bodies of water.


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